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Stress ?

We all have stress at different points in our lives. As naturopathic physicians, we cannot help some of the stressors that you may end up facing in your life, but we can have a positive impact on limiting the negative effects…Read more

Hormones ?

How do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance? It can be difficult sometimes to differentiate some conditions such as depression, blood sugar problems or a nutrient deficiency with a hormonal issue…Read more

Detox ?

What exactly is a detox or cleanse? A detox/cleanse is the use of diet changes typically with supplements (plants &/or nutrients) to support some sort of physiologic or biochemical change in the body. A detox/cleanse may be an elimination diet…Read more

Tough Case ?

Try us. It is not uncommon for a naturopathic physician to be a patient’s “last resort” when they have been looking for help and answers to their health concerns. We commonly see very tough cases that have been otherwise undiagnosed…Read more


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