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The male system has specific needs unique to men! Although there are some health concerns that are reflective with both sexes, there are other concerns that are a priority for men. Together we will evaluate your priorities and get you on a program depending on what has worked or not worked for you in the past. We may suggest test options of blood, urine or saliva to help with the evaluation of your health concerns and present you with recommendations that suit both your lifestyle and your budget. Common topics that we discuss with our men’s health patients include:

Feel Your Best!

Get in touch to discuss the health of you and your family.
  • regaining lost energy
  • hormone evaluations
  • andropause (male menopause)
  • maintaining or gaining healthy muscle mass
  • weight management
  • supplement and detox programs
  • glucose and sugar management
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • anger management
  • genetic concerns
  • hair loss
  • acne and skin disorders
  • inflammation
  • cardiovascular issues
  • hypertension
  • blood tests for prevention
  • libido and sexual health
  • parenthood and single parenting
  • general health and longevity
  • nutrient evaluations and deficiencies
  • pain treatments
  • sleep issues and insomnia
  • benign and cancerous prostate issues
  • digestive concerns