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We all have stress at different points in our lives.

As naturopathic physicians, we cannot help some of the stressors that you may end up facing in your life, but we can have a positive impact on limiting the negative effects the “fight or flight” stress response may on our system – pre, during and post stress.

The stressors can be mental/emotional as well as physical such as a labour intensive job, menopausal symptoms or a chronic pain syndrome. Adrenal gland dysfunction due to stress is extremely common and can cause not only fatigue, low motivation and weight changes, but it can also lead to depression, anxiety and a lowered immune system.

How your body adapts and copes with stress is carefully mapped out by a variety of hormones. There are easy in-office methods for assessing adrenal function as well lab tests that can be done. Let us evaluate if this is a priority for your system and look at stress management techniques and treatments as needed.

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